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Incorrect valuations wastes time and leads to frustration for owners looking to exit quickly. Why? Corporate institutions are finance people, not engineers. We’re highly experienced engineers with financial qualifications on top and with vast experience selling businesses like yours.

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Our Merger & Acquisition Services

We only take on select businesses we know we can sell. Those we don’t take on, we help.

We’ve been both buyers and sellers many times. We know how this whole thing works. Whatever avenue you are looking to take, we can offer an honest, ‘hands-on’ approach to help you realise your end goal.

Selling a Business

We pride ourselves on our ability to unlock hidden value that most CF advisers fail to understand. We are qualified engineers with accountancy qualifications layered on top; we use these skills to examine and extract the true value in a business and present our findings in such a way that value is maximised. We understand business and we wouldn’t expect you to invest your time and resources in people unqualified for the job – we never have so why should you?

Business Advisory

Just because we say your business is not ready for sale yet, it’s not time to despair. More often than not, where a business engages us to prepare a business for sale, the final outcome is improved significantly. Whether it be assistance with a sales and marketing strategy or just a housekeeping exercise to organise information in readiness for due diligence, we have done this before many times and we know what buyers want to see. Typical timescales are 6-12 months before the sale process commences but a one-off investment at this stage will always prove worthwhile in the long run.

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FX Dynamics. Our Experience.

Who are you dealing with?

Fx Dynamics staff and associates have extensive technical knowledge in many sectors and can therefore offer inherent value and efficiency to clients due to the background knowledge and awareness derived from many combined years of industry experience.

We have operated on an international basis for many years and have associates in North and South America, EMEA and the Far East. Our experience ranges from SME to Global Corporate, but our niche is small to mid-size, from circa £1m to £50m turnovers.

We also offer a wide range of knowledge and experience on a consultancy basis to enhance our Corporate Finance offering. With our extensive technical background combined with finance and accountancy, we have an immediate edge over many mainstream CF and  consultancy businesses.

Our Experience
FX Dynamics