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M&A Advisory Service for Hazardous Area Markets

We are an independent sell-side M&A advisory service concentrating exclusively on industrial markets including:

Oil & Gas – Pharmaceutical – Petrochemical – Biofuel – Chemical – Aviation – Road Transportation – Mining – Food and Beverage – Marine – Shipbuilding – Water and Waste Treatment – Machine Building – Paint and Print – Grain Storage – Battery Production – Medical

What is a Hazardous Area?

Gases, vapours, mists and dusts can all form explosive atmospheres with air. Hazardous area classification is used to identify places where, because of the potential for an explosive atmosphere, special precautions over sources of ignition are needed to prevent fires and explosions. The industry is a multi-billion dollar market with many different types of organisation involved from manufacturing through to service companies.

The Current Problem Fx Dynamics Aims to Solve

As with all market sectors around the world, companies change hands constantly within hazardous area markets. Consolidation is rife in the new world as digitalisation and sustainability begin to take hold. Many businesses involved in hazardous are markets, in particular manufacturers of products, generate enterprise value from their technology and intellectual property which more often than not can be very complex. This presents an immediate problem as a CF advisors from outside the industry will have to educate themselves with these complexities before understanding the true value inherent in the business. It is also likely that they will never really understand enough so that they can add value to the acquisition process and generate the true value for the owners.

Not so for Fx Dynamics – we have been involved in hazardous area markets for decades and understand the complexities thoroughly. We can therefore extract these core values from a business even if buried deep inside and hidden, and generate a sales memorandum which the business deserves and should translate into an easier buyer acquisition process and added value to the owners.

Fx Dynamics Corporate Finance is a must for any business operating within hazardous area markets wishing to sell their business outright, sell part of their business or just to raise new funds. Why waste valuable time training CF advisors from outside the industry?

M&A will be the fuel for this transformation and Fx Dynamics is perfectly positioned.

A Unique Approach

Fx Dynamics will represent your interests from an owners perspective to ensure maximum value is achieved and within the timescales to suit your business.


As a specialist M&A advisor, working exclusively for clients looking to sell a business, Fx Dynamics advises clients across many different sectors. Our founders and staff come from a wide range of commercial and professional backgrounds, including financial services, technology, accountancy, manufacturing, engineering, energy and more and are well positioned to understand the fundamentals of your business very quickly.


Thinking about selling your business? 

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Our Partners

Fx Dynamics Legal Panel


Fx Dynamics has established a panel of exceptional corporate lawyers, each with extensive experience of business sale transactions. A corporate lawyer will be specifically recommended for each transaction as some are more cost effective than others depending on the deal type.




Fx Dynamics Wealth Management Panel


Your business is more often than not, your most valuable asset – and selling it releases significant liquid wealth. Whether investing for income or growth, gifting to family or others, or seeking tax efficiency, expert advice is needed. Fx Dynamics has established a panel of wealth advisors, each of which is well placed to advise our clients on an extensive range of financial matters. 





Experience tells us that buyers focus the majority of their time on your adjusted P&L and balance sheet history and forecasts. It is essential that these metrics are presented professionally and tie-in to the dataroom and evidence presented.






Fx Dynamics will work through your accounting information and combined with regular discussions with shareholders or key individuals, will prepare an adjustment schedule, P&L and BS schedule for prior year, current year and 1 year forecast. You will be amazed at the adjustments that can be made which ultimately makes a huge difference to your exit proceeds.



Choice is an absolute must in any business sale. To get the best value, deal terms and structure when selling, you need multiple potential acquirers at the deal table.


  • Having researched, contacted and alerted potential acquirers,
  • our skilled deal teams manage subsequent negotiations,
  • coaching you how to behave in the vital deal meetings.
  • We generate a marketplace for your business and create a competitive environment within that market.
  • We set deadlines, keep buyers to a defined timetable, control the momentum, and make it clear to buyers that there are other interested parties in the frame.
  • We assess offers, and prepare counter-offers. We are able to generate an increase – or ‘uplift’ – on offers, and multiple options so you can choose the best-fit acquirer, and the right deal for you.


The FX Dynamics ‘7STEP’ process has been derived from 10+ years of experience. Here’s how it delivers maximum value for our clients. 


Your business is unique. And so are you. We will visit you to meet with owners and key individuals to achieve an understanding of the business, it’s potential acquirers and the requirements of the shareholders.


Using our own expertise and current market information, we will provide a valuation range and compare with owners’ expectations. If these align, move to STEP 3.


Preparation of summary document to be used for initial acquirer contact and terms of engagement with Fx Dynamics signed.

  1. Preparation of and discussion with Phase A acquirer database, Phase A being the first 5 most obvious potential acquirers. Summary documents and NDA sent upon request.
  2. Preparation of and discussion with Phase B acquirer database, Phase B being the next 20 potential acquirers. Summary documents and NDA sent upon request.
  3. Preparation of and discussion with Phase C acquirer database, Phase C being all the rest of the potential acquirers including utilisation of existing online sites. Summary documents and NDA sent upon request.

Preparation of more detailed online Information Memorandum and NDA whilst STEP 4 in progress.


Preparation and signing of Heads of Terms.


Select and appoint corporate legal advisors, prepare sale and purchase contract and assist all the way through to completion.

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